Hiring Andres as my DUI attorney was the best decision I made since this whole mess began and I am confident this would have been much messier if I hadn’t had his expert advice and loyal support. With this being my first offense, I had no idea what my first move should be, let alone comprehend most of the legal jargon in my paperwork. He took the time to explain every term and implication, ensuring I understood my case. After my meetings with Andres, I always felt more at ease with and in control of my situation, and I never felt like “just another client” even though I doubt my case was unlike most.

I am especially grateful for the several times Andres made court appearances on my behalf, which allowed me to focus on my job rather than miss important hours of work. In what was a major victory for me, he was able to have my BAC reduced significantly — under the threshold that would have required several days of my community service on weekends. More time saved!

With most of this behind me now, it is clear that Andres provided me with more than just excellent legal assistance. My mind was at peace because I knew my rights and I understood the process. Several hours of time that otherwise would have been spent at court or doing community service were mine to use as desired. I never felt lost or alone in this experience, which I know many do. This whole experience was nowhere near as bad as I had originally anticipated, and I give Andres absolute credit for that. I HIGHLY recommend him!



I was interrogated for several hours and then arrested on serious felony charges. I was then booked into jail. I had never been arrested in my life and I was very confused and scared. No one told me what was going to happen to me and I feared the worst for my life.

Luckily, my family contacted Andres and twenty minutes later he was at the jail talking to me about my case. He helped get me released from jail and after that first meeting, I felt confident that my case was in good hands. Andres was available at all hours of the day to answer any questions that I had. He was knowledgeable and explained my situation in an easy to understand manner. For someone like me, who is not familiar with the law and who was facing serious felony charges, this was comforting.

After hiring Andres, I was able to move on with my life and return to my daily activities. I was extremely pleased with the outcome of my case. I will not hesitate to hire Andres again if I ever have any legal issues in the future. I highly recommend The Carnahan Law Firm.

– H.C.


I was involved in a dispute with a former employer who made serious allegations against me. I was being threatened with a potential civil lawsuit and criminal prosecution. I was very concerned that my new job would be in jeopardy, not to mention potentially being prosecuted for a crime. Fortunately, I was referred to Andres Carnahan by a friend. From the moment I first spoke to Andres, I felt at ease. His personality and approach to the way he handled my situation was amazing. He calmed me down, asked me several questions, and asked me to provide him with all of my new-hire paperwork from my previous job. He responded back to me within 24 hours after researching my paperwork and he let me know what my rights were and what I actions I could take to avoid going to court and to prevent my new job from finding out.

In addition to helping me resolve the dispute, during the process he clearly explained the laws to me and used words that I could understand. Not only did he take the time to research and investigate all aspects of my situation but he helped educate me about all of this at the same time. I wish that there were more people like Andres in other aspects of life because one can learn a lot if they are educated in any process they are a part of. I would definitely refer Andres to anyone of my family and friends.

– W.R.


Under difficult circumstances, I was very pleased at the outcome and by the way my case was handled by Mr. Carnahan.  I was always kept informed on how my case was progressing, what my options where and what to expect, and it was always explained to me in a layman’s terms.  I would highly recommend The Carnahan Law Firm to others.

– M.V.


I was recently arrested for my second DUI in 5 years and I was truly concerned about the outcome of my case and possible jail time.  I hired Andres Carnahan as my lawyer since he was referred to me by a close friend.  Mr. Carnahan always responded in a timely manner and provided me with the professional services needed as a client.  I couldn’t have asked for a more “realistic” outcome during my conviction, he was able to drop one of my misdemeanors, negotiate my BAC level (reducing court fines), eliminate jail time, and lower the number of days I was sentenced for work program by 30%.  Most importantly, Mr. Carnahan is someone that you can trust and expect to “Go to bat” for you during these difficult situations.

Thanks again,



Currently on probation, I got arrested once again for the same crime of burglary. This was my 3rd offense and I was sure I was going to do some time in prison. Luckily I found Andres and once I hired him, he examined my case thoroughly and came up with several different solutions while keeping me well informed. He always made himself available and answered any questions I had. Probation was not supposed to be an option for me but due to his knowledge and dedication to get the results I wanted, we were able to come to an agreement with the judge. He was able to keep me out of jail and get my probation reinstated thus allowing me to keep my job. I’m completely satisfied with the outcome of my case and I highly recommend Andres to anyone in need of an experienced attorney.

– S.Q.